Oar Northwest

Emerald Harbor Marine is very proud to sponsor Oar Northwest. Founded by four University of Puget Sound Rowing alumni and teammates, the fledgling ocean rowing team dreamed of breaking records and winning the first rowing race across the North Atlantic Ocean.  Big goals…unimaginable odds. It has become an ongoing success story.

    On its website, Oar Northwest acknowledges Emerald Harbor's contributions to their efforts: "On the North Atlantic we put our lives in the capable hands of these guys in 2006, and  71 days later we made it safe to shore  with communications, water, and plenty of power to make more."

Africa to the Americas


Our friends have cast off on their latest adventure, the Africa to the Americas expedition. Here's the latest. Click on any entry to go to their website.

OAR Northwest
Ocean adventure rowing and education organization specializing in ocean rowing, expedition management, adventure education, school assembly programs, documentary filming, fund raising, and research aboard ocean rowboats.
  • 2015 Adventure: Columbia River on now!
    Head on over to rowboatclassroom.org right now to follow the Adventure: Columbia River expedition live and participate with our adventure educators Leah Shamlian and Rachael Mallon.  We could not be happier that these two ladies are part of the first all-female OAR Northwest team in our last five adventures. The crew departed from just above [...]
  • ‘Adventure: Mississippi River’ is underway!
    Head on over to rowboatclassroom.org right now to follow the Adventure: Mississippi River expedition live and in real-time. The crew departed Mississippi River headwaters on September 2nd, 2014, and is rowing all ~2,400 miles of the “Father of Waters” from it’s source in Minnesota to its terminus at the Gulf of Mexico. They are delivering [...]
  • Jordan guest blogs for 1mississippi.org
    Little did my parents know what developing an appreciation for classics like The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn would inspire. Maybe it’s not an exact correlation – between reading about Tom and Huck’s adventures in grade school, and fifteen years later deciding to take a 29-foot rowboat with three friends across [...]