Rhapsody, A Special Nordhavn 55

nordhaven55One of Emerald Harbor Marine’s biggest projects to date is in the final stages and is ready for world cruising.

Rhapsody, a Nordhavn 55, is very likely one of the most completely outfitted boats of its size anywhere. Emerald Harbor Marine, with help from Pacific Fiberglass, Canal Boatyard and a host of the region’s finest craftsmen, have equipped Rhapsody to travel anywhere in the world in comfort and safety.
As built, the Nordhavn 55 is an extraordinary passagemaker. Its heavy displacement, fuel capacity and ultra reliable power package already qualify it as a go-anywhere cruiser. While the owners didn’t need a bigger vessel, they wanted Rhapsody outfitted like one.

The carpenters of Emerald Harbor customized the interior with everything from a custom stereo and piano console to wainscoting the office off the bridge. In the meantime, Doug Lambeth and the crew at Pacific Fiberglass installed a sonar tube, painted the topsides a luxurious deep navy blue and painted the extraordinary interior.

Rhapsody's home for much of the time has been Elliott Bay marina where Emerald Harbor managed a complete fitting out with everything from the forward facing sonar to V6 and V7 TV domes. In keeping with the long term cruising plans, redundancy has been a constant theme with regards to key systems such as watermakers and navigation systems. Video from any source can be displayed at any monitor throughout Rhapsody.

Rhapsody's cruising plans may take it to the East Coast in 2009, and perhaps beyond.