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The Carlisle and Finch Company has been a leader in searchlights for decades, always working at the forefront of technology. The new NightFINDER hybrid searchlights currently sits on the cutting edge of that technology, bringing it to both recreational and commercial mariners. Although LED...
In 2012, NavNet TZtouch delivered "Total Control at Your Fingertips", with the world's first multi touch MFD. Today, Furuno is pleased to be expanding on that concept by providing "Total Control, Simply Refined", with the all-new NavNet TZtouch2. Furuno has developed two, new MFDs to join our...

The Service Bay

Boats come to us in a variety of ways. Some come to our docks at Elliott Bay Marina, and some meet us at Canal Boat Yard. And of course a lot of times we go to them, whether it's a job over at Shilshole or one in Southeast Asia.  And sometimes we get a vessel "straight off the boat." Such was the...
Emerald Harbor Marine is looking for highly skilled marine technicians to join our team. We pride ourselves on doing the job the right way and to the owner's satisfaction. If you join us, you'll get to work on beautiful boats with great people, and expand your skill set. Call the office and ask for...

Yacht Systems and Services

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capabilityshotsmWhat can we do to help create the vessel you envision? We can install, maintain or upgrade every system on your boat. Just as importantly, we make them all work in harmony and make sure you're completely familiar with their operation.

We represent the finest manufacturers of marine equipment, and maintain excellent working relationships with them. Click on our Products tab to see our lineup.popuptv

Our approach is a little different. We look at each project at how it will affect the entire vessel and all its systems, and plan ahead to avoid surprises and make sure you get the best value.

Please call us to talk about your boat and your vision. Whether you want a cutting edge navigation system or a disappearing TV, we'd be honored to be a part of it.



Mission Statement

Emerald Harbor Marine’s mission is to do what is right for each boat owner and what is right for their boat. 


Our Vision: Emerald Harbor Marine believes in first Understanding the customer’s goals, Thinking deeply about solutions, Executing Flawlessly, Communicating Elegantly and Caring about all the stakeholders. 








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Marine Electrical Systems
Battery Chargers and Inverters
Diesel Engine Repair
Commercial Refrigeration
Galley Equipment
Shaft and Propeller Work
Custom Panels
Sanitary Systems
Custom Woodworking
Solid Surface Counter Tops
Thrusters and Stabilizers


Heating and Air Conditioning
Power Systems
Marine Computers/Monitors
Satellite TV