Community Projects

Youth Maritime Training Association

This is one of the most exciting and fitting community projects we're involved in. The YMTA is dedicated to helping young people find a way to get into a maritime career. The Pacific Northwest has a proud tradition of maritime careers, from the days of the tall ships to today's high tech fishermen and modern technicians. We've always felt it a privilege to work around boats, and now we have a way to help foster that in others.

The YMTA's Vision statement sums it up:

"YMTA envisions a healthy and productive maritime industry in the State of Washington sustained by a well-trained and motivated workforce of graduates from Washington schools, maritime educational institutes, community colleges, and academies. YMTA envisions a knowledgeable public aware of maritime issues and of the importance of healthy maritime industry and marine science organizations vital to our economy and society."


Leukemia Cup

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Leukemia Cup RegattaSM is a thrilling series of boating events that combines the joy of being on the water with the important task of raising money to cure cancer. Since its inception, The Leukemia Cup Regatta has raised millions of dollars for lifesaving research and patient services, bringing help and hope to patients and their families.

In yacht clubs across the country skippers register their boats and recruit friends and colleagues to help crew and to raise funds. Crew members seek donations from friends, family, co-workers and employers to sponsor their boat. National and local event sponsors also support Regatta.

     In Seattle, the Leukemia Cup is based at the Elliott Bay Marina, and Emerald Harbor Marine is pleased to be onboard as a sponsor.


Adventuress (Sound Experience)

Sound Experience sails the historic schooner Adventuress to help people discover Puget Sound and learn from its majesty and vulnerability.

     The idea is to use the ship as a metaphor for the planet: a closed system that requires understanding and care, and sails best when all aboard are working together.

     The focus is educational because we believe that people will protect what they learn to value.  As they voyage through the Puget Sound basin, Sound Experience participants are encouraged to realize that their daily actions make a difference. And they respond with a growing spirit of cooperation, community, stewardship and responsibility.

     Emerald Harbor Marine is pleased to contribute systems expertise to keep the Adventuress running smoothly.


Oar Northwest

Emerald Harbor Marine is very proud to sponsor Oar Northwest. Founded by four University of Puget Sound Rowing alumni and teammates, the fledgling ocean rowing team dreamed of breaking records and winning the first rowing race across the North Atlantic Ocean.  Big goals…unimaginable odds. It has become an ongoing success story.

    On its website, Oar Northwest acknowledges Emerald Harbor's contributions to their efforts: "On the North Atlantic we put our lives in the capable hands of these guys in 2006, and  71 days later we made it safe to shore  with communications, water, and plenty of power to make more."

Africa to the Americas


Our friends have cast off on their latest adventure, the Africa to the Americas expedition. Here's the latest. Click on any entry to go to their website.