NightFINDER Hybrid Searchlights

The Carlisle and Finch Company has been a leader in searchlights for decades, always working at the forefront of technology. The new NightFINDER hybrid searchlights currently sits on the cutting edge of that technology, bringing it to both recreational and commercial mariners. Although LED Technology illuminates shorter distances very effectively, it still cannot yet compete with the long range distances achieved by Xenon and Halogen Searchlights. However, in order to service those greater distances, these traditional light sources produce narrower beams of light, which are not very efficient when illuminating wide areas nearer to Marine Vessels, or Guard Towers. Photo of NightFINDER 200 for your web siteTherefore, Carlisle & Finch has created the LED “Hybrid” Searchlight. The “Hybrid” strategically combines LED Lighting, with traditional light sources such as Xenon and Halogen, to efficiently utilize the strengths of multiple technologies on demand!

Imagine being able to instantly direct a “Wall of light” 150 Meters wide, approximately 230 meters away, anywhere around the Vessel, or in Prison Yards, across Shorelines, etc.! The LED beam has evenly spread illumination, and a “pure white” color rendering, pleasing to the human eye. And the operator can also use the Xenon or Halogen Beam to reach out long distances immediately on demand. The LED Hybrid Searchlight performs all lighting applications, using a single versatile product!