Furuno TZtouch2 Lowers the Price, Raises the Bar

In 2012, NavNet TZtouch delivered "Total Control at Your Fingertips", with the world's first multi touch MFD. Today, Furuno is pleased to be expanding on that concept by providing "Total Control, Simply Refined", with the all-new NavNet TZtouch2. Furuno has developed two, new MFDs to join our awarding-winning TZtouch series. While these new MFDs share the same family foundation with current TZtouch models, they also introduce a number of refinements in design, hardware and user interface.be376e0d-2a4a-4e0a-85f1-7827c55de866

TZtouch2 also delivers the very best MFD value our customers have ever seen, since the inception of NavNet! These new displays are not only very competitively priced (TZTL12F 12.1" MFD @ $3,995 &TZTL15F 15.6" MFD @ $5,995), but for the first time, we're also providing several built-in features, previously only available as optional, external upgrades. Each TZtouch2 MFD will be supplied with a built-in Fish Finder and GPS Receiver. Additionally, the built-in Fish Finder incorporates a completely new Furuno-exclusive processing technology, called RezBoost, which will provide 4x-8x sharper fish targets and imaging over Conventional Fish Finders, using the same narrowband transducers.