Nordhavn 63-03 Commissioning

63-03 at dock

Nordhavn 63-03 was delivered new to the Pacific Northwest for a Canadian owner in 2013. The commissioning and systems refinement has taken place in stages so that the owner could both enjoy his boat and really hone in on the perfect setup. Some of the more noteworthy items include custom hardware for managing the two tenders, a spectacular radar and antenna array, a hydronic heating system and entertainment and communications equipment throughout the boat. 

Here are photos of just some of the items starting with extensive custom features on deck. 

63-03 kayaks  63-03 fender holders 63-03 grill 63-03 tender chocks

63-03 radararray 63-03 sidedeckawning


The pilothouse is exquisite:

63-03 instruments63-03 instruments2 63-03 communications



Space usage is vital to maintain storage, and we nestled the heater and its controls where they could be accessed, yet out of the way.

63-03 heater 63-03 heater wiring